Kate Copeland
songsmith composer vocalist




Upcoming Album

For more information about my forthcoming album of original songs, please check out the Album Page on this website, in addition to the Kickstarter page for the project! You can also hear some previews from it via the music players on this website, or directly on my Soundcloud. I will be updating the Album Page periodically as the project unfolds!


Kate & The Company

I am currently playing shows with my brand new group Kate & The Company, which features collaborators Kiyota Sage, Tomoki Sage and Madeleine Sosin. For show dates and times please check out my calendar of upcoming events!


Other Projects

In addition to my own record, I have most recently worked as an arranger/co-producer on Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Abakis's upcoming album "I'm One Too," as well as contributing to the Homecoming EP, which was independently released Fall 2013.


You can also hear me as the featured vocalist for Brooklyn's very own orange gold red! Check out this awesome review of his latest track :)


About Kate

Kate Copeland is a singer/songwriter composer/arranger based out of New York City and Port Townsend, Washington. A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory's composition program, Kate penned folk songs between theory classes, her influences ranging from Igor Stravinsky to Joni Mitchell. She jumps at the chance to combine music with every other expressive medium imaginable: dance, theater, visual and circus arts, poetry and literature, video, you-name-it. She frequently collaborates with other musicians, lending her talents to projects as a singer, arranger, composer, and instrumentalist. She is currently finishing up her debut full-length album of songs, to be released in 2014.